VIDEO ... Vince Cable announces 130 jobs for Barbour

BUSINESS Secretary Vince Cable waxed lyrical about an iconic South Tyneside clothing manfacturer while announcing the creation of more than 130 jobs on a visit to the borough.

The Liberal Democrat MP revealed the employment boost at world-famous J Barbour and Sons’ factory in South Shields today.

JOBS BOOST ... South Shields's Barbour factory.

JOBS BOOST ... South Shields's Barbour factory.

The 136 posts will be created with the support of £549,000 from the government’s Regional Growth Fund.

The money will also enable the company to extend its current warehouse and factory facilities.

The new jobs will be on the shopfloor, in the warehouse and in customer service.

Mr Cable said: “Barbour is a brilliantly successful company which has been going for over 100 years, a family company with a good local tradition, a successful exporter now with a very good skills academy, operating mainly with women, and supplying the local labour force with very good jobs. The Regional Growth Fund is playing a pivotal role in supporting British manufacturing and helping to rebalance the economy by creating jobs and stimulating private investment.

“This is no less so in the North East where government support is giving firms the confidence to invest, hire and grow.

“This award will create over 130 jobs and help another British success story to meet demand for new growth markets abroad.”

For more on Mr Cable’s visit, read tomorrow’s Gazette.