Call for action on potholes in a South Shields street answered

Bedford Avenue pot holes. Ali Hayder
Bedford Avenue pot holes. Ali Hayder

A call for action over dangerous potholes in a South Tyneside street has been answered.

Residents in Bedford Avenue, South Shields, say they are “delighted” at the work to rectify a number of deep holes which they say were causing a hazard for vehicles and pedestrians.

Ali Hayder at one of the potholes before it was filled in

Ali Hayder at one of the potholes before it was filled in

The issue was highlighted by resident Ali Hayder in the Gazette, last week, with council workers quickly responding to the call.

Residents say the issue had been causing them a concern for over a year - especially after heavy rainfall.

A number of people said they had flagged the problem up with the council previously - something the council denies.

Mr Hayder said: “Everyone I have spoken to is really happy something has been done.

“The roads have had these potholes for over a year and they were getting worse. They were dangerous.

“You could see the cars swerving to avoid them, but when it rained they would fill up and drivers didn’t know how deep they were.

“We just wanted something done before there was an accident.

“Everyone I have spoken to is happy and really pleased with the work - the council have done a really good job.”

However, Mr Hayder says there are still a number of smaller holes which have yet to be treated.

He now hopes workers will come back to the area to look at the remaining holes in the road.

Mr Hayder added: “Around 70 per cent of the holes have been filled in. It would be nice if they came back and completed them.”

A spokesman for South Tyneside Council said: “A highways inspector visited the street last week and raised repairs that he deemed necessary and which met the intervention criteria. However if residents still have concerns we would encourage them to contact the council’s highways department.”

During 2015 and 2016 more than 2,500 potholes were reported to council chiefs with £69,000 paid out in repairing them. Last year, South Tyneside council were given an extra £100,000 to fix potholes on the borough’s roads. The cash was allocated from the Department of Transport from the Government’s Pothole Action Fund. The money was made available as part of a drive to repair one million potholes across the country. *Do you know of a problem pothole in South Tyneside? Contact the Gazette and let us know: