Call for action to stop illegal parking in disabled bays

A Gazette reader sent in pictures of parking in disabled bays in Hebburn.
A Gazette reader sent in pictures of parking in disabled bays in Hebburn.

Drivers who use disabled parking bays in South Tyneside have come under more fire.

The Gazette, on Saturday, carried a series of pictures taken by a reader showing drivers without blue badges parking in disabled bays in Hebburn - including outside Asda, on Station Road, and in the Hebburn Central car park, on Glen Street.

The man said: “I’ve been complaining about this for 10 years and enough is enough. It’s an offence to park there without a valid parking permit but people are being allowed to get away with it.”

He’s calling on South Tyneside Council to introduce CCTV cameras in a bid to catch those illegally parking in the bays.

Council bosses say the area is patrolled by wardens - “within our limited resources” - and penalty charge notices are issued to those who park illegally in disabled bays.

The issue has struck a chord with many Gazette readers who left comments on out Facebook page..

Brian Rutter wrote: “Clamping or towing cars away might be the answer. My wife has a disabled badge and we always display the time as well or you run the risk of getting a ticket.”

Paul Rogers added: “It’s not just disabled bays being used by lazy people. Child bays get used by people without children. They should be fined also.”

Ste Caddy wrote: “The law needs to be changed to deter lazy people from abusing disabled parking. Fines and penalty points.”

Donna Watson added: “It shouldn’t need a petition. Give lazy drivers a ticket.”

Jack Pearce said: “The gazette shouldn’t have blanked their numbers out. Name and shame.”

Karl Burgess added: “I’m disabled. I’d love to be able too park in the furthest away bay from door and walk in to the store.

“Unfortunately I don’t have this luxury.”

Nigel Banks says the problem of inconsiderate drivers is not limited to parking bays.

He said: “I saw a woman park her car on the zebra crossing in Cleadon Village and nip into the shop.

“I mean how ignorant and dangerous is that.”

Burger31 added: “Some people just don’t understand that by wanting to save a few minuets by parking closer, they massively effect the people who really need these spaces.”

Keith Hardy added: “Never seen warden there. Unable to get in front of Asda most times I’ve been.”