Calls for ‘monstrosity’ road sign to be taken down or dimmed

The advertising screen on Leam Lane
The advertising screen on Leam Lane

Drivers have reacted with anger over a giant advertising screen placed on a busy South Tyneside road.

Council bosses have come under under fire over a giant advertising screen - branded an “accident waiting to happen” - on the A194 Leam Lane, in Jarrow but they say they need the revenue from the 10ft by 20ft sign.

The 24/7 sign has been criticised as a potential danger to drivers and 84 per cent of people who took part in a Gazette poll on the issue say it is a distraction.

The sign, which was given retrospective planning permission, is used to promote the council’s own services and events, as well as bringing in advertising revenue.

It can also be used to advise motorists of traffic delays, roadworks and accidents in real time but they won’t say how much it cost or hos much they are earning from it.

It says the information is “commercially confidential” and could give competitors an advantage.

Motorists have taken to ou Facebook page to voice their opinions the sign.

They have criticised the choice of site for the screen and also it’s brightness - especially at night time.

Charlie Kostromin posted: “Whilst services are being cut, people are losing their jobs, residents are paying extra for services, they put up an expensive sign and refuse to explain it.

“This is where the residents’ hard earned money goes.”

Linsey Ellens wrote: “They should get their big remote out the drawer and turn the brightness down for the darker hours of the day.”

Paul Rogers posted: “Have you seen it without a advertisement? It like diving head on into a massive set of headlights far too bright. It nearly blinds you.”

Gary King said: “How is it against the law to read a post on your phone but it’s okay to take your eyes off the road and read an electronic bill board bigger than the size of a transit van?”

Brian Dennison said: “Can’t comment or won’t release the information.

“These clowns forget it’s the Council Tax payers of this borough who’s money and lives they are supposed to be answerable to.

“We are entitled to know.”

Leigh Shotton posted: “First person to have an accident because of it should sue the council.

“Enough people saying its dangerous.”

Andy Wright wrote: “I’ve been out with a light meter and sonic tape measure.

“That screen emits AVERAGE eight times the brightness of the street lights next to it.

“At least the street lights don’t point at driver’s eyes.”

Carol Mcdougall said: “This monstrosity needs taken down , apart from it being an eyesore it is extremely distracting, especially when it’s dark it is far too bright I find it hurts my eyes. I travel this route regularly so I do hope the council listen to people’s views.”