Campaign group has meeting with councils over swan safety

The family of swans that have sparked a campaign to clean up a quarry
The family of swans that have sparked a campaign to clean up a quarry

A group of campaigners who are aiming to protect a family of swans and clean up their habitat have moved a step forward with their plans.

Friends of Hebburn and Wardley Quarry have now met with council officials from both South Tyneside and Gateshead in a bid to improve the area off Mill Lane in Hebburn.

This meeting was a huge step forward for us.

Shirley Gardiner

Ideas they are looking at include replenishing plants life, litter picks, general tidy up of the area and improved fencing and gates.

The move follows concerns raised for a family of swans living on the pond, near to the Cock Crown Inn, who are often seen taking risks crossing the nearby road in search for food.

People living nearby have been monitoring the swans and the cygnets ever since they were spotted sitting on the grass at the side of road.

Shirley Gardiner, one of the group members said: “The meeting between ourselves, South Tyneside and Gateshead Councils was very successful.

“They were taking us very seriously and listening to the concerns we had and what we would like to see happen in the future.

“It will be a slow process, but this meeting was a big step forward for us.

“We are looking at being set up as a group to enable us to raise money. There is still a long way to go but we now feel like we have got the ball rolling.

“We are looking forwrd to see what we can achieve for the area.”

The group have also been helped by South Tyneside Coun Wilf Flynn and Gateshead Coun Stuart Green.

The Facebook group was created so people can keep track of the swans’ progress through videos, pictures and status updates and offer their services to help them.