Can you help reunite this little girl with her beloved ferret Peanut?

Keira Moore is devastated after losing her beloved ferret Peanut.
Keira Moore is devastated after losing her beloved ferret Peanut.

A little girl who suffers from heart and lung disease is devastated after losing her pet ferret named Peanut.

Seven-year-old Keira Moore is heartbroken after the ferret escaped on Friday morning and now her mum Terri McElrue is appealing for anyone who may have found him to get in touch.

Have you seen missing ferret Peanut?

Have you seen missing ferret Peanut?

Miss McElrue, 27, from Nash Avenue, in South Shields, said the ferret must have escaped from their home as she was leaving to take Keira to hospital.
She said: “He is just one year-old and went missing on Friday morning.
“He is a house ferret, so has a free run of the downstairs while we are in the house, but he must have ran out after us when we left the house around 10am.

“We have two other ferrets and always make sure to lock them up before we go out, but I thought he was in with the others.
“It was only when I came back from the school run at around 3pm when I checked to see where he was and realised he was gone.”

Miss McElrue said it was the first time any of her pets had escaped, but said their nature means they typically spend 20 hours a day sleeping, so he couldn’t have gone far.

“Keira is absolutely gutted,” she added.
“She has heart and lung disease so her condition means there are many pets we can have which don’t need a lot of looking after.

“She would be over the moon if he came back.”

If you can help reunite Keira with her pet, please call Terri McElrue directly on: 07730778290.