Can you help with Uncle George's last request?

My Uncle George is 90 years of age and has just been diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease.

We are not sure how much time we have left with this wonderful man and I am desperate to try to help him with something he has asked for, which might well be considered as a last request.

He has recently been asking if any family members have a photo of his mother, Blanche May Tyson (my grandmother).

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She died very young of a slow developing, muscle wasting disease, when he was a teenager and he has no mementos of her.

I have tried asking around the extended family and also via the Ancestry website but have not had any luck so far and time is pressing.

My grandmother’s family were a long standing, born and bred, dyed in the wool South Shields (St Hilda’s) family.

I know that two of my grandmother’s sisters and one brother, lived in South Shields until they died.

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Their names and dates are: Blanche May Tyson, born 1901; parents George Tyson and Violet Tyson (nee Newstead);

Sister Edith A Tyson, born 1894; Sister Rosanna (known as Rose) Tyson, born 1895, married John H Thom in 1919. Had two children – Winifred and James Thom;

Sister Martha Elizabeth Tyson, born 1898, married James (Jim) Hird in 1925. Had one child, Derek James Hird;

Brother George William Henry Tyson, born 1900.

I hope someone reading this might be a relation, or know of a relation, that might have a precious, old black and white photo tucked away somewhere.

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I am sure the three sisters must have had a photo taken together at some point – perhaps at a wedding?

The key surnames are Tyson, Newstead, Thom and Hird.

I would really love to be able to do this for my wonderful uncle. He would be so happy.

My contact number, should anyone be able to help is 07904 144286.

Wendy Lindsay