Can you take a selfie in a polling station?

Don't let your selfie land you in jail.
Don't let your selfie land you in jail.

SOCIAL media and smartphones have become as much a part of the election as rosettes and hustings.

But for the modern voter, there are some pitfalls to watch out for – and the Electoral Commission has already warned an ill-advised selfie at the polling station could land you in jail.

There’s nothing specifically outlawing taking photos, but the commission strongly advises against photography inside a polling station.

Complex laws about maintaining the secrecy of the ballot mean you could end up with a six-month stretch or a hefty fine.

It’s illegal to reveal how someone else has voted, and taking a photo of a ballot paper’s unique identification number is against the rules.

Slip up, and you could be in court. Maybe stick to taking pictures outside.

The Electoral Commission says: “Due to the potential breach of the law, intentionally or not, we strongly advise against any form of photography taken inside a polling station.

“However, if a voter would like to highlight their participation in the elections, we suggest this is done outside the polling station before or after they vote.”