Careful what you vote for

Many are quick to warn us of what might happen if we leave the EU but ask them to produce a reasoned argument, or shred of evidence, to back their position and they can't.

Monday, 9th May 2016, 8:20 am
Updated Monday, 9th May 2016, 9:21 am

All we see are increasing threats, spurious claims and, blatant lies, even from MPs and others in high office. We even had MPs on the floor of the House of Commons mocking Nigel Farage because “his name sounds foreign”. How “grown up” of them.

What these people never say is what we face should we vote ‘in’ on June 23.

The following is just a taste, all taken from an EU document with the catchy title of PE569.777v02-00 dated October 30, 2015.

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“The function of the President of the European Council could be merged with that of the President of the European Commission” (we will have an unelected, and unaccountable, president of the EU who will be more powerful than any elected leader).

“The European Parliament’s powers and control rights must be guaranteed, consolidated and strengthened”. Basically, Westminster will be reduced to a provincial assembly. Nicola Sturgeon, and the Scottish people, please note, leaving the UK will not mean more powers for Scotland, but far fewer while Mr Cameron’s “EU reforms” count for nothing.

“We need to further EMU reforms in order to provide EMU with an effective economic government” – the British economy will be run by Brussels.

“As the euro is the currency of the Union according to Treaties, and the budget is designed to facilitate for less-developed member states to catch up and become able to join the eurozone” (sic). This means that eventually all member states will be required to join the euro, and thereby lose any kind of independence.

“A common European capabilities and armaments policy”, “The European Defence Agency should play a leading and coordinating role”, “the creation of a permanent military operational headquarters”, “the institutionalisation of various European military structures” – goodbye Army, Royal Navy, Royal Air Force and NATO, the EU is taking over all military capability.

Sadly, space does not permit a full appraisal of the document. But if enough of you vote ‘in’ you’ll soon find out all that it contains.

Kay Rowham