Changing the GCSE marking system has been done before say readers

A new system could see GCSEs marked differently.
A new system could see GCSEs marked differently.

Changing the GCSE grading system is nothing new say Gazette readers.

Teachers’ union NASUWT said the planned revamp of the current grading style would do more harm than good, at its recent annual conference in Manchester.

Teachers heard concerns that the new system will result in added pressure being put on pupils.

The reforms mean the traditional A*-G grades have been axed in English and maths, and will be replaced by the 9-1 grades - with 9 the highest result.

The changes will be brought in for all subjects in future years.

Supporters have argued the move is necessary to allow more differentiation between students, but there’s been concerns raised over the lack of clarity.

However, Gazette readers say have heard it all before - and took to our Facebook page to say so.

Paul Fletch wrote: “It used to be numbers and they changed it to letters and now back to numbers. I can honestly say, whether the grade is a number or letter, made absolutely no difference to how much or little effort I took in answering the questions.

“Or am I the only person seeing this whole issue as pointless and irrelevant?

“It is so serious it’s being discussed at the trade union conference and apparently teachers are in melt down - seriously?”

Jonny Young sais: “It looks like they do it to every generation, change the grades to make a full generations grades obsolete which makes them harder to find work over the younger generation.

“Wrong on so many levels making it harder for people to earn a living.”

Faye Bosher said: “I think as someone sitting my exams this year and feeling the drastic change its horrific.

“Not only is it more difficult but teachers still do not know the whole extent which is the worst.

“People in my class have all put in so much effort even our teachers have said the grade boundaries of the whole country will probably need to be lowered because the exams are to difficult.

“Weak? I think not, more like stressing out and ending up not sleeping etc.”