Charity can bank on children to help food stocks

Harton Primary School "Canny Friday" food collection
Harton Primary School "Canny Friday" food collection

Pupils learning about how people can help them led to the launch of a project which will see them feed those most in need.

Harton Primary School’s children have been taking part in a topic where they have learned about the work of police and paramedics.

The discussion led to one youngster asking how its classes could then in turn help others, with the suggestion put forward they collect food for those going hungry.

So far they have gathered more than 540 items, including cans, jars, packets, UHT milk, coffee and team, which will be donated to the South Tyneside Food Bank, run by Hope and Hospitality.

The project, called Canny Friday, was set up after a Year 3 pupil came up with the idea, with the group’s Year 6 representatives taking the lead to help collect the food, count up what has been gathered.

The school’s children have brought in items the food bank has said it is short on as it looks to boost its stocks.

They like the fact they can see they are doing something to help the community.

Karen Ratcliffe

Headteacher Karen Ratcliffe said: “They have all had a letter home and the children have just been bringing in packets and other things for the collection.
“They like the fact they can see they are doing something to help the community.

“We were looking to do it for a few weeks, but we may continue because it’s gone so well.”

The campaign, which is set to continue until the start of the Easter holiday, followed in from a visit from three Northumbria Police officers, who spoke to the children about their job and how they help the tow.

They children were able to ask them questions about the work they do and had the chance to sit in a patrol car and turn on the blue lights and sirens.

They also got to try on a police uniform.

The school is also busy counting up the cash it raised for Comic Relief’s Red Nose Day, but it estimates it has raised around £1,000 for the charity.

Around 400 noses were sold by it in the lead up to the event, which saw children pay £1 to wear non-uniform.

The pupils also wore their hair in crazy styles, with an assembly inviting them to take the chance to tell their audience their favourite joke.

Harton Primary has joined other schools, churches, individuals, businesses and supermarket collections to support Hope and Hospitality.

More details can be found about the South Tyneside Food Bank via http://www.hospitalityandhope.co.uk/latestnews.html