Cleadon Kennels to keep council contracts after inspection finds no welfare issues

A dog in Cleadon Kennels.
A dog in Cleadon Kennels.

AN UNDER-FIRE dog kennels will keep its council contracts after inspectors found no problems with the care of animals at the centre.

Cleadon Kennels, which cares for and rehomes stray dogs, has been at the centre of debates on social media and subject to an 11,000-name petition started by the Northern Animal Welfare Co-operative.

The petition calls for South Tyneside, Sunderland and Gateshead councils to cancel their contracts with the kennels due to poor conditions, but its bosses insist they are the victims of “an organised campaign of false representation”.

South Tyneside Council has now carried out an inspection of the site.

A statement by the council says Environmental Health officers found that the facility “meets the requirements of animal welfare legislation and that there was no evidence of conditions that would warrant formal action. The council also considers that there are no grounds to substantiate the allegations that have been made about conditions or practices at the facility”.

The council also stressed that the kennels had been inspected just five months ago, when no problems were found, that the RSPCA also carries out checks and weekly health checks are carried out by a local vet.

The statement said: “The facility provides an important contribution to the management of stray dogs in Sunderland, South Tyneside and Gateshead and the local authorities are extremely keen to ensure there is continued confidence in the service, particularly for the sake of the stray animals found on the streets of the region.

“Members of the public are encouraged to continue reporting stray dogs to local authority contact centres”.

The statement also says that stray dogs are only put to sleep in “exceptional circumstances and it is incorrect to suggest otherwise”.

A Council spokesman added: “As a result of the extensive debate on the internet and in the press, together with a series of allegations, which have clearly prompted concerns within the local community about the premises, the council carried out an inspection at the premises.

“We would like to confirm that there are no findings that would suggest any contraventions of welfare legislation.”