Colin is turning his hobby into a charity fundraiser

Woodturning auction charity event. Colin Laughton
Woodturning auction charity event. Colin Laughton

A craftsman from South Tyneside is hoping his charity efforts will turn a profit for a range of good causes.

Colin Laughton, from Whitburn, is one of 80 woodturners taking part in a unique charity initiative which raises cash through selling their handmade goods on the internet.

Woodturning auction charity event. Colin Laughton

Woodturning auction charity event. Colin Laughton

The assistant headteacher came up with the idea to auction off the items he makes on eBay after looking to turn his hobby into a way of helping others.

He has produced a range of wooden items such as bowls, jars and vases on a lathe.

The 48-year-old has been turning for 15 years and decided to advertise the auction - called ‘A Turn for the Good’ - on Facebook, with the hope other wood turners would get involved by donating their work.

He has been organising the auction along with fellow craftsman Chris Hamm.

Mr Laughton said: “I saw people putting photos of pieces they had made with different woodturning groups and began to wonder ‘what is happening to these pieces?’

“I love helping people, and I just thought it would be lovely to get others involved in an auction for charity and do something good.

“I advertised the idea on different groups at the start of the year and have had a massive response.

“The response has restored my faith in humanity. People I have never met are working together as a group to support this cause.”

Woodturners from as far as Australia, Russia, Canada and America have got involved in the auction, which is set to go live on Saturday from 4pm and will run for a week, until Saturday, July 21.

Famous turners including Gord Rock from Canada, and America’s Sam Angelo and Carl Jacobson, as well as Steve Jones from England.

Turners have sent images of their work to Mr Laughton, who has listed them with a starting price of just 1p.

A postage and packing charge of £10 applies, but all the final selling price will go to the charities of the turners’ choice.

Worthy causes from around the world include Saint Judes Children’s Hospital and Beads of Courage, as well as Mr Laughton’s own charities of choice - Barnardo’s and the NSPCC.

Mr Laughton added: “We are looking for people who find this type of work beautiful to bid on pieces.
“We want people who do appreciate natural products made form exotic hardwoods and people who want to buy something that is one of a kind.”

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