Comet Lovejoy to glow green over North East

Comet Lovejoy
Comet Lovejoy

Wannabe astronomers will have the chance to see a comet glowing green as it passes close to Earth tonight.

Comet Lovejoy should be visible with the naked eye in the winter sky to the south, depending on weather conditions. It will appear as a small grey smudge without a glowing trail.

People will still require a dark sky away from light pollution to spot it, however it should be readily visible through binoculars or a telescope as a glowing green ball.

The large chunk of ice, which orbits the sun, last passed through our solar system 11,500 years ago and won’t return for another 8,000 years.

The comet is around 44 million miles away and is passing up to the right of Orion, through Taurus and Aries, which are located to the south during evenings.

Australian astronomer Terry Lovejoy discovered the comet last year.

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