Cookson charity changes name in honour of tragic brothers

A charity which helps the families of desperately sick children is changing its name - in the memory of two brave little boys.

Wednesday, 20th February 2019, 2:43 pm
Updated Wednesday, 20th February 2019, 4:17 pm
Carter Cookson

Sarah and Chris Cookson, who lost their first son Charlie in 2013, and their second son Carter last month have renamed The Charlie Cookson Foundation after both of them.

"Our boys are now side by side in name as they are in heaven" say the brave boys parents as they announce the change 'with mixed emotions'.

Charlie Cookson

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The charity, which is dedicated to supporting the parents of seriously ill children, will now also promote the importance of organ donation.

In a post to the charity's Facebook page, the family said: "With mixed emotions we announce that 'The Charlie Cookson Foundation' is now 'The Charlie & Carter Foundation' approved by the Charity Commission.

"Our boys are now side by side in name as they are in heaven, without any doubt we know that with the added strength of his little brother 'The Cookson Brothers Charity' will go from strength to strength.

"We will shortly be letting you all know how we are moving forward, supporting the families in desperate need of help, and doing all we can to promote the importance of organ donation.

The charity has been named The Charlie and Carter Foundation

"Our hearts are broken and will never mend. We would give our everything to have our boys with us, to hold their hands, to kiss their faces, to watch them grow. BUT for some reason, this was not meant to be. Our boys were here to make a difference and to help save the lives of many. We are so very proud of them.

"Thank you all so much for your love and support.

"Our hearts have lifted, picturing our angel Charlie saying to his little brother "There you go's me and you together."

Joanna Nicholson, charity manager at the foundation, said: "The charity isn't going to change in what we do and the support we offer but we are looking to do all we can to raise awareness of organ donation.

"We've made changes to the logo and made it both of their legacies.

"We're really proud of the charity and what Sarah and Chris are doing is amazing. To go through a second heart ache and they're still doing all they can to help others.

"It's sad that we are changing the name but it's only going to bring good in both of their names now."

The couple’s first son Charlie died in October 2013 at the age of two after battling a mystery medical condition which meant he spent most of his short life in hospital.

On Boxing Day last year they welcomed Carter into the world. But the newborn baby suffered three cardiac arrests one the day he was born.

At just days old the youngster needed heart surgery, which was sadly unsuccessful, and his family were told he wouldn't survive without a heart transplant.

Sadly on January 19, Carter passed away while waiting for a organ donation.

So far the foundation has helped 59 families with £3,000 donation each and helped 14 families with a £1,000 bereavement grant to support them during the loss of their child.

The foundation will be launching its new logo and they will be selling new merchandise and clothing in the shop, in Fowler Street.