Could one of these purr-fect felines be the one for you this Halloween?

More than a dozen beautiful black cats are in need of forever homes this Halloween.

Thursday, 18th October 2018, 6:00 am
Thomaas & Tobias would like a new home.

The 14 felines are awaiting adoption at the Willows Cat Adoption Centre, in Wantage Street, South Shields, staff say they would make purr-fect pets for a variety of different owners.

The centre, which cares for cats looking for a permanent owner, said this number of black cats is the most they have had for a a very long time - either in their shelter or in their foster homes.

Robin needs a forever home.

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In the run-up to the spooky season, Willows is keen to dispel the superstition that black cats are meant to be unlucky.

They say their collection of fury friends are just as pretty and loving as cats of other colours.

Maria Harrison, founder of Willows, said: “It’s the most we’ve had for a very long time and they account for 50% of the cats we have in the shelter and foster care. 
“They all have different personalities.

“Some are normal ability and would fit into most homes, some are shy and can only have quieter homes.

Velvet is looking for an owner.

“They have a lot of personality.”

Anyone interested in adopting a cat can contact Willow Cat Adoption Centre to make an inquiry on: 07719605383.

Toto needs a loving owner.
Tuppence would like a new home.
Howard is in need of a home.
Ester is hoping to find an owner.
Cuddlebug needs a home.
Rufus is hoping to find a forever home.
India is in need of a loving home.
Betsy is hoping for a new home.
Flora is up for adoption.
Trudie is in need of a home.