'The country has spoken' - readers reveal if they would back second Brexit vote

The possibility of a second vote on Brexit has been the subject of much discussion since decision day in June 2016.

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 16th January 2018, 1:33 pm
Updated Tuesday, 16th January 2018, 1:50 pm
Do you stand by your vote?
Do you stand by your vote?

So we asked you, the readers, if you would back a second EU referendum if there's no deal decided for the UK's impending Brexit. More than 500 of you voted in our own online poll.

More than 15million votes were cast in the EU Referendum on June 23, 2016.

Brexit Secretary David Davis.

England (53.4%) and Wales (52.5%) voted Leave, while Scotland (61.3%) and Northern Ireland (55.8%) voted to remain in the EU.

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In the North East, Sunderland was 61.3% Leave, South Tyneside voted for Brexit with 62% and 69.6% of voters in Hartepool were Leave.

In today's poll, 57% of you said you would not back a second EU referendum.

Brexit Secretary David Davis.

Here is how you reacted to our poll on social media.

John Anderson: "I voted Remain but the majority voted Leave. The vote was not for any deal it was in or out regardless. No to a second vote."

Phoebe J Wilson: "I've never seen so much pussy footing around I voted OUT 17 months ago and still dragging on pathetic! Definite NO to a second referendum! The vote has been decided accept it and get on with it!"

David Cowley: "Yes! Can anyone honestly say we had enough information to make a rational decision?"

Mark Lynn: "No we voted Leave that's the whole point in voting, if there is another referendum then democracy in this country is well & truly dead."

Simon Wade: "I wonder if those that insist BREXIT is a good thing actually watch the news or read any independent newspapers? It wouldn't work for us, the facts are there, get over it."

Kenny Potter: "More people would vote Leave there are actually a few remoaners who respect the Leave decision and would vote leave this time because they respect democracy."

John Graveling: "The country has spoken in the first vote, why must the remoaners act like petulant children who stamp their feet when they don’t get their own way ... get on with it and lets stop money pouring out of our country into the Eurocrats back pockets."

Elizabeth Cauwood: "No means no! They should stick at it till they get a deal. Perhaps we could vote on a change in government, now that would be worth it."

Martin Goldsack: "The original referendum was flawed in so many ways, not least in only requiring a tiny majority - such an important decision should have required at least 60% in favour. There were also so many lies spouted by politicians on the basis of no information e.g. the infamous £350m a week for the NHS."

Tony Hall: "If there's no deal we just leave it's as simple as that. Then after we leave if we don't like it then we can consider other options. But the will of the population said Leave."

Chris Kenny: "No. It was clear the first time what we all voted for. Anything else makes a complete mockery of democracy! Walk away with nothing!"

Lyn Sisterson: "Well I voted to remain, no proper information given at the time, lies about stuff, and here we are today, they haven't a clue what they [are] doing or how things will move forward."

William Rouse: "No - people voted and the fact that the remainers didn't get what they wanted doesn't mean the vote was wrong! They seem to think that the general populace don't have a brain!"

Scott Collin: "Can we re-do the 1990 election as well because I didn't like that one."

Brian Flounders: "The decision as been made, STAND BY IT."