Couple’s anger over £40 hospital parking fine

ANGRY ... Edward Jackson with the fine his wife received.
ANGRY ... Edward Jackson with the fine his wife received.

AN angry South Tyneside couple claim they paid for a parking ticket - but were still hit with a fine by a controversial hospital parking system.

Carol Jackson had spent a fortnight visiting her sick mother at South Tyneside District Hospital in South Shields.

The 62–year–old from Marsden, South Shields, had been parking her car in the Harton Lane site’s car park which is monitored by ParkingEye, a numberplate recognition system.

On Sunday, November 2, she paid her £2.40, to cover her for two hours of visiting, but say they never received a ticket because, she says, the machine was broken.

However, last Wednesday, Mrs Jackson received a £40 fine, along with a letter stating she had not paid for her 2.01pm visit that day.

Husband Edward Jackson said: “My wife had been visiting her mother, as she had done for a number of days, and parked up and went to pay at the machine.

“This time it took the £2.40, but it never gave her a ticket.

“Three days later we received the fine.

“The machine is taking the money off people and then expecting them to pay a fine a few days later.”

Mrs Jackson wrote a letter to ParkingEye and sent it off last Thursday to contest the fine.

However, the company says it’s not yet received the appeal.

A spokesman said: “ParkingEye understands that genuine mistakes are sometimes made and operates an audited-appeals procedure, encouraging people to appeal if there are mitigating circumstances, such as an incorrect car registration number.

“Unfortunately, ParkingEye has received no appeal from Mrs Jackson, so cannot consider her circumstances.”

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