Angry milkman threatened man in zebra crossing row while running late on round

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A MILKMAN who delivered an angry threat to a passer-by who challenged him for stopping on a zebra crossing near a South Tyneside school, has been given a hefty court bill.

Magistrates heard Michael Raine was late for a morning delivery at Mortimer Primary School when he decided to pull over at the crossing.

He was driving a milkfloat, which wasn’t the fastest milkfloat in the area and he was running slightly late.

However, when a man questioned him over his actions, the two became embroiled in a confrontation, with Raine prodding him in the chest and challenging him to a fight.

Police were called, with officers pulling over Raine’s milkfloat near the school to conduct a roadside interview.

The 34-year-old, of Olive Street, South Shields, pleaded guilty to a charge of using threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour, and one of stopping a vehicle within pedestrian crossing limits.

The court heard he has since lost his job as a result of the incident.

Derek Walden, prosecuting, said: “The incident took place at 8.30am on March 13.

“Raine was employed as a milkman by Hanover Dairies. He stopped his vehicle in the zig-zag area of the zebra crossing, near to the school.

“A passer-by saw him and challenged him about his driving.

“Unfortunately, matters became confrontational and Raine put his head against the man’s head and pushed him in the chest.

“He was swearing and a threat was issued to him that they should go up the road and sort this out.

“Police were called due to the nature of the incident and he was stopped near by and was interviewed at the roadside.

“He told them he was challenged by a man he didn’t know and was unhappy at being approached in that way.”

Christopher Brown, defending, said: “He was driving a milkfloat, which wasn’t the fastest milkfloat in the area and he was running slightly late.

“The gentleman comes up to him and this further delays him.

“He snapped back in a confrontational way.

“He acted in an inappropriate manner and is deeply remorseful.

“He was stopped by police – he was not exactly speeding away. There was no blue lights needed.

“He has lost his job as a result of this.

“He can only apologise to the man in question.

Raine was fined £73 and ordered to pay court costs of £85 and a £20 victim surcharge.