Audi motorist caught drink driving while out to buy baby essentials is banned from roads

A South Tyneside motorist caught drink driving over the Christmas period has been banned from the roads.

Patrick Lyons, 32, of South Drive, Hebburn, could lose his job after being stopped over the limit while popping to buy baby essentials in his Audi.

He was pulled over by police who saw him speeding and driving erratically on the west-bound Felling Bypass near Pelaw, Gateshead, borough magistrates heard.

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Lyons, a trainee technician at Teesport, Middlesbrough, gave a breath test reading of over twice the limit on Wednesday, December 28.

South Tyneside Magistrates Court.

Magistrates, who banned him from driving for 20 months, heard the father-of-three will not be able to continue in his 7am daily start employment.

Prosecutor April Hall said: “Officers were on duty at around 10pm when their attention was drawn to a black Audi A3 on the A194 Felling Bypass.

“The vehicle was being driven erratically and at excess of the speed limit, and rapidly changing lanes.

“They followed and caused it to stop in Shields Road at Pelaw. The driver’s eyes were glazed, and his speech was slurred.

“The officers requested a roadside breath test, which gave a positive reading. He was cautioned and arrested.

“The offence is aggravated by the fact there is evidence of an unacceptable standard of driving.”

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Former Merchant Navy seaman Lyons, who has no previous convictions, pleaded guilty to drink driving.

He blew 78mcg of alcohol in 100ml of breath. The legal limit is 35mcgs.

Joanne Gatens, defending, said: “It’s a guilty plea at the first opportunity for which he will get full credit.

“He doesn’t accept that he was speeding or driving erratically, but he does accept he was over the limit.

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“He misjudged when he would be safe to drive, he quite significantly misjudged. He was going to purchase something for his baby which were essentials.

“He’s a trainee technician at Teesport and works 12-hour shifts, starting at 7am. He won’t be able to maintain his employment.

“He has now lost his good character through a misjudgement. The consequences are going to be significant.”

Lyons was also fined £672 plus a £269 victim surcharge and £85 court costs, and magistrates offered him a place in a ban-reducing rehabilitation course.

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Gerald Tierney, chair of the bench, said: “It’s sad that you are going to lose your job. Disqualification is automatic.”