Boozy Jarrow mum who bit her baby three times is spared jail

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A “RECKLESS” mum who deliberately bit her 14-month old child three times on his leg has been spared jail.

Lynsey Short, 40, had been playing with her child after consuming alcohol and when the baby’s father returned home he noticed the bruises on the infant’s legs, Newcastle Crown Court was told.

The bruises were examined by doctors and three - one on the right leg and two on the left - were found and acknowledged as marks made by a human.

Social services intervened and Short, of Regent Road, Jarrow, who was also cautioned in September 2011 for being under the influence of alcohol with her child was told she was no longer to have custody of her baby.

Gavin Doig, prosecuting, said: “The bruises were examined and it was said that they would have been caused by a significant degree of force.

“The child’s legs would have been held and it would have caused severe pain.

“It is worth noticing that there was no breaking of the skin.

“The defendant had been drinking on this occasion.

“The defendant and her partner have now split up and the child resides with the father.”

Tom Moran, defending, said: “The defendant has always admitted what she did.

“She admits that the force she used would have been enough to cause the injuries you have seen.

“A doctor said that the pain on a scale of one to 10 would have been a four or five.

“There was no breaking of the skin.”

Mr Moran then read out a statement from the baby’s father which said: “We often nibbled at his legs as a fun game.

“I have done this in the past.

“This has never before caused a problem.

“Lynsey is a great mum and she loves him very much.

“I could never see her doing anything like this to purposely harm our son.”

Mr Moran added that the child-minder always said there were never any problems, and the defendant’s son was always very happy.

He added: “The father had to choose his child or his partner and he understandably chose the child, meaning they split up.

“They have stayed good friends, and the child now lives with the father and his new partner.

“In the last two years she has been working with social services and is now allowed one supervised visit a week to see her child.”

Short admitted to deliberately biting her son on June 7 or 8, 2013, in the context of play, but did not accept that she used excessive force to cause the injuries.

She pleaded guilty to cruelty to a child under 16 and was given a 24-week sentence, suspended for two years, by Judge John Miilford QC.

The judge said: “It’s an unusual offence. You admitted biting your son on his leg three times in the context of play.

“You did not break the child’s skin. You were reckless with the force that you used, and I have no doubt that your actions were brought on by the consumption of alcohol.

“The father of your child, then your partner, said you were a good and loving mother to your child.

“He had to choose between you and his child and, entirely understandably, he chose the little boy.

“The price you have paid is a big one.”