Brave rape victim returns to scene

ATTACK SURVIVOR ... Cheryl Maddison will fly to Majorca, where she was attacked four years ago.
ATTACK SURVIVOR ... Cheryl Maddison will fly to Majorca, where she was attacked four years ago.

A RAPE survivor is returning to the Spanish island where she was left for dead in a sickening attack.

Cheryl Maddison saw her dreams of starting a new life ripped apart after she was raped, stabbed and left in a pool of her own blood.

The 25-year-old is now flying back to the scene of the horrific attack four years ago, where she hopes to see the man who attacked her put behind bars.

Cheryl, who is now a model, will fly to Magaluf next month for a three-day court hearing.

She said “I honestly don’t know what’s going to happen when I’m over there.

“I’m really nervous about facing him again as I can’t actually remember what he looks like, and would prefer for it to stay that way, but my partner is going be with me every step of the way.

“I just hope he gets the maximum time in prison so he can’t hurt any one else.

“I can’t wait for the trial to be over, as I just want put it all to bed now, it’s my past and I want look to the future and not have to keep going over and over it.”

Cheryl was attacked just six days after leaving Wearside to set up home in the Spanish resort. She gave up her right to anonymity to describe how the attacker pounced as she was walking home from work.

She had not even spent a night in her new apartment, after moving to the Spanish island of Majorca to fulfil a life-long dream of working abroad.

She left a job at Claire’s Accessories in Peterlee the day before flying out to the resort, staying in a hotel for six days before getting a job at Murphy’s Bar on Punta Ballena, Magaluf.

Spanish police arrested a man in July last year who confessed to carrying out the violent assault.

He was also questioned in connection with a series of other rapes and sex attacks in the resort, which is a favourite with British tourists.

A Moroccan national, a 31-year-old waiter named as Mohamed A, has been held on remand for the last 17 months.

Recalling her brutal ordeal in May 2008, Cheryl said her attacker grabbed her by the hair and dragged her down a set of stairs to her apartment block.

She said: “He was screaming, and he said if I didn’t shut up he would kill me.

“He dragged me back up the stairs and into the apartment, and onto the balcony.

“He must have noticed the bedroom doors were open, and there was no one else there, so he dragged me into one of the bedrooms. He threw me on the bed and that is when he raped me.

“I was fighting back, scratching his face and calling for help.

“But he pressed his thumbs on my windpipe until I passed out.”

When Cheryl came round, she realised the full horror of the assault.

“When I woke up, I was on the floor,” she added.

“I stood up and my feet were slipping, and I looked down and it was blood. That is when I realised he had stabbed me in the chest.

“He didn’t have a knife when he was attacking me, and the police think he took it from the kitchen in my apartment.

“He kept on punching me in the back. I was crying and shouting and making quite a lot of noise, and that is when he stabbed me in the neck.

“That’s when I realised I had to play dead.

“If I hadn’t done that, he would have kept going until I was dead.”

Cheryl was taken to hospital, where she had surgery for a collapsed lung and stab wounds.

She spent two weeks in hospital in Spain, where she was joined by her distraught mum and one of her sisters, before being allowed home to Murton.

At an initial hearing in Palma last year, her assailant formally confessed to committing the attack while high on drink and drugs.

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