Cat shot and another found dead hanging in a tree within days of each other in Hebburn estate

A mum is warning cat owners to keep their adored pets indoors after her cat was shot, and others have been found dead or gone missing in a matter of days.

Thursday, 1st August 2019, 12:42 pm
Amber's owner Emma is calling for cat owners to keep their pets indoors

Two cats have been shot at another was found dead having seemingly being flung in a tree on the Lukes Lane Estate, in Hebburn, says the concerned mum.

Now Emma Lewis is warning cat owners in the estate after her pet, five-year-old Amber, was shot between Friday evening (July 26) and Saturday morning (July 27).

After posting a warning on Facebook she has received messages from fellow cat owners in the estate whose beloved pet has been killed, shot or is currently missing.

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Hunter's family are devastated after their beloved cat was found dead hanging in a tree.

Her husband, Michael, found their trembling cat hidden under plastic sheeting by the shed on Saturday morning (July 27).

The 34-year-old mum said: “She was covered in blood, at first we thought she must have been in a cat fight.

“We cleaned her up but she was really scared and didn’t want to be picked up.

“The vet thought at first it must have been from a cat fight too – but when she shaved her fur she found an entry and an exit wound on her neck.

Hunter's family are devastated after their beloved cat was found dead hanging in a tree.

“I posted something on Facebook and I had messages about another of cat which had been shot and one that was found dead and flung into a tree.

“I’ve had lots of people get in touch and it looks like someone is going round targeting cats and shooting at them.

“The wound showed that it had just missed her jugular vein. She's now had to have an antibiotic shot and painkillers.

“She's lucky to be alive. It’s absolutely inhumane – not everyone likes cats, I understand that, but if you don’t want them around throw cold water at them they soon get the message.

Emma Lewis with her cat, Amber, who has been shot.

“The most worrying thing is someone is using a gun without any care or responsibility.”

Another cat was found dead hanging from a tree in a suspicious and unnatural position in the Lukes Lane Estate two days after Amber was shot.

Hunter, a three-year-old cat, was last seen on Friday, July 26, and his family began to worry as the weekend went on and the friendly feline hadn’t returned home.

After posting an appeal on social media, Emma and Michael Clelland received a message from a teenager who was also looking for his missing cat and come across what he thought was Hunter hanging in a tree.

The injury to Amber looked like a wound caused by a bullet/pellet when her fur was shaved

Emma Clelland, who also lives in the Lukes Lane estate, said: “He was found in trees next to our home. I was down south with my two sons and my husband went to see if it was Hunter at around 8.30pm on Monday, July 29.

“The lad who found him had taken him down from the tree but said his head was stuck between two branches and his body was hanging down below.

“It looked very suspicious that I can’t think how he would have ended up there unless someone put him there.

“Someone has either found him dead and put him there or has hurt him. We don’t know the cause of death but there was no blood wound to suggest he’d been shot.

“It’s just heartbreaking, I have two sons Josh, aged eight, and Jack, aged nine, who adore him. They just can’t understand that someone could have been so cruel to hurt him.

“He was such a lovely cat, he’s so friendly and would approach anyone.

“My eldest son is currently being assessed for high functioning autism and Hunter was his best friend, Hunter was a big part of his routine, he fed him before we left for school, he was the first and last thing he saw when he got up or went to bed and when he was upset he would go to Hunter for cuddles.”

Northumbria Police has been informed about the incident and inquires are ongoing.

A force spokesperson said: “On Tuesday (July 30), we received a report that a cat had suffered injuries after it had allegedly been shot by a suspected air rifle in Hebburn.

“Enquiries are ongoing.”