Charity chief’s heartache as her home is ransacked

DEVASTATED ... Deborah Roberts has had her home ransacked and car stolen during a burglary.
DEVASTATED ... Deborah Roberts has had her home ransacked and car stolen during a burglary.

A CHARITY champion say she feels ‘violated’ after thieves ransacked her South Tyneside home and stole her car.

Deborah Roberts, co-founder of Cancer Connections, has been left devastated after her house in Birdhill Place, Parkway Estate, South Shields, was raided between 8.30pm on Friday and 11am on Saturday.

The thieves broke in by removing a PVC kitchen window and made off with thousands of pounds worth of watches, camera equipment, jewellery, a 52in television and a black Chrysler 300C car.

Deborah, 55, said: “I feel like my privacy has been violated. Someone has came into my home and been through all my personal things.

“It’s been awful and, to be honest, I don’t know the full extent yet of what’s been taken.

“They went through every room, climbed on top of wardrobes and emptied all my drawers out. The whole place was such a mess.

“Although I think they’ve got a damned cheek, they’ve left behind computers and other televisions which they’ve clearly decided weren’t worth their while.

“But they had the nerve to take four bottles of champagne which we’d received as presents over the years. They clearly had expensive tastes.

“It’s a horrible feeling not knowing if someone has been watching my house until it was empty or it’s just been a random burglary.”

The mother-of-two and her partner, Mick Fairminer, had left the house on Friday afternoon to spend the weekend in Hexham.

When her daughter called round on Saturday morning to check on the property, she realised it had been burgled and the car – registration number MM57 LGF – was also gone.

Deborah said that one day last week she was convinced someone in a car had followed her home, and she’s now worried she was targeted because of her work with the charity.

The grandmother–of-four said: “I convinced myself I was just being daft, but there was a car which seemed to be following me, and I thought ‘what’s that doing down here’ because it’s a dead end.

“Now this has happened, I can’t help but wonder if someone thought I had fundraising money from the charity in the house. You just don’t know.

“I’ve lived here for 26 years and never had any problems until now.”

Her partner had a number of his designer watches stolen which included a Montblanc, a Raymond Weil and a limited edition Hublot.

He also lost two Canon cameras with a range of lenses.

Deborah also had a Michael Kors and Tissot watches taken and jewellery.

She added: “I am just trying to think of the positives at the moment.

“Thankfully, nobody was home when they broke in. God knows what might have happened then.

“But I would like to thank everyone who has been offering their support and kindness and sharing details of the burglary on Facebook.

“Hopefully, the burglars will get caught.”

A spokesman from Northumbria Police said: “We are continuing to investigate the burglary. Anyone with information is asked to get in touch.”

Anyone with any details about the burglary is asked to contact police on 101.

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