Clubber punched man for being a ‘pest’

ATTACK ... Michael Dent.
ATTACK ... Michael Dent.

A MAN punched a fellow club-goer who was thrown out of a nightspot for being a “thorough pest” to his girlfriend and cousin.

Michael Dent’s partner had reported the man to staff after he made inappropriate comments to her and the defendant’s relation, at the Wicked club in South Shields.

When Dent left the venue 45 minutes later, trouble flared between him and the man.

Dent punched his victim and was later arrested for assault.

The 34-year-old admitted the attack at South Tyneside Magistrates’ Court.

The court heard that the victim had not co-operated with the prosecution case or given a statement to police, though he had filed a claim for compensation.

Dent, of Dorset Avenue, South Shields, admitted the charge on the basis he punched the man on a single occasion.

Rebecca Gibson, prosecuting, said: “The victim has not made a statement to police. The evidence in this case has come from a member of door staff.

“At 3.10am on Saturday, May 11, a man was ejected from the Wicked nightclub. The witness said a bald male approached him (Dent). He then grabbed him and pushed him to the floor.

“The injured party staggered to his feet and asked ‘What was that for?’.

“The defendant became aggressive and started to run after him. The defendant then punched him to the head.

“The witness said, in his opinion, he was knocked out. The defendant admitted assaulting the male when arrested.

“He said he had been out dancing with his girlfriend and his cousin at Roxannes nightclub and then Wicked.

“He was dancing with his partner and cousin when a male (the injured party) made inappropriate comments to his cousin.

“As a result, the defendant’s partner reported the male to a member of the doorstaff, to ask for him to be ejected.

“Dent said he went out of the club 45 minutes later. The injured party was abusive, saying it was the defendant’s fault he was ejected.

“Dent said he asked him to go away and pushed him. He said he came back and was in his face, and he punched him once to the head.

“The defendant does not accept he pulled him to the ground.

Christopher Brown, defending, said: “Unfortunately, the man must have had too much to drink.

“He was a thorough pest to Mr Dent’s partner and cousin, so much so that his partner reported matters to door staff to say ‘can he be removed?’.

“He was dealt with fairly swiftly. Then, 45 minutes later, Mr Dent has gone out for a cigarette.

“He has seen the man out there remonstrating with door staff about what has happened.

“The male came over to him, being abusive. He asked him to back off.

“He pushed him away, but he came back in his face and he punched him once to the head and walked away.

“He was antagonistic to Mr Dent.

“Mr Dent accepts he didn’t need to punch him.

“He accepts in hindsight he could’ve turned upon his heel and walked away.”

Dent was fined £83 by magistrates and ordered to pay costs of £85 and a victim surcharge of £20.

Pauline Barrett, chairwoman of the magistrates, added: “In light of the injured party not supporting the prosecution case, there will be no order of compensation.”

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