‘Cruel’ carer’s sex taunts to OAPs with dementia

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A CRUEL carer launched a vile bullying campaign on elderly dementia sufferers he was supposed to be looking after in a South Tyneside residential home, a court heard.

It was claimed Christopher Allen, 36, gave elderly residents cruel nicknames, made inappropriate sexual comments and gestures towards them, kicked a ball into their faces as they slept, swore at them, teased them and made a 90-year-old woman cry.

Newcastle Crown Court heard that the nine victims were all in their 70s, 80s and 90s, suffering from dementia, Alzheimer’s or other mental health problems, and were all residents of Hillcrest Care Home in Wear Street, Jarrow.

Allen, of Lawrence Avenue, South Shields, denies nine charges of ill- treating patients, which are said to have happened between August 2009 and January 2010 when he got taken on as a carer.

Daniel Cordey, prosecuting, told the court Allen was suspended from the home after his colleagues reported what they had seen. One of the claims involved Allen bullying a dementia sufferer, aged 90, who, because of her condition, believes a teddy bear she carries around is her own child.

Mr Cordey said: “In December 2009, one of the other carers was talking to the defendant in the corridor when this lady went by clutching her teddy bear.

“The defendant took the teddy bear from her, dropped it on the floor, picked it up and handed it back to her saying ‘your baby is dead’.

“That deeply distressed the woman.

“Another carer said the defendant would tease the woman. He took the view it was all a joke, he would take the teddy and throw it on the floor, kick it or stamp on it and tell her it was dead.

“The woman would shout, cry and become upset.”

The court heard an 85-year-old woman had a sponge ball, which is used by the residents to help with co-ordination skills and for therapy, kicked into her face as she slept in her chair.

During a separate incident with the same lady, Allen is said to have rubbed his groin area outside his trousers in front of her and said “you would like a bit of this wouldn’t you?”

The court heard a homosexual resident in his 80s was also insulted by Allen, who cruelly branded him “Buster Gonads” after a comedy Viz comic character, because of a large hernia he was suffering from.

It is claimed the same resident was also hit with a sponge ball as he slept, and was asked if his family had put him in a home because he “liked rent boys”.

Mr Cordey told jurors: “The evidence points towards the sad but inescapable fact that we have here a man employed to look after vulnerable people, but who abused that position and ill-treated those within his care.

“These incidents occurred against people who were not in any position to defend themselves.”

Allen is also alleged to have called an 83-year-old resident ‘biscuit head’, and on one occasion offered her a biscuit, and then said there was none left when she said she would like one.

He is also said to have questioned a 71-year-old man if his ‘downstairs’ was still working, and caused distress and upset to his other victims which seemed to ‘amuse’ him.

Allen denies any offence, and said his colleagues had been ‘out to get him’ because they did not get on.

He told police the allegations against him were fabricated and ridiculous, and he had done nothing wrong.

n The trial continues.

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