Dad left disfigured after shocking attack in Glitterball nightclub

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A dad’s facial features were left changed forever after a brutal attack in a nightclub toilets.

The man was pounced on during a night out at Glitterball in South Shields and left with a fractured cheekbone resulting in his face and eye drooping on one side.

The injured dad, who had been savagely punched and kicked, needed an operation to fit a metal plate in a bid to repair his face and has moved his family out of their home and to another area as a result of his ordeal in March.

He told police in a victim statement: “I have lost all feeling to the left side of my face and around the back of my head.

“I will have this for the rest of my life and it will be a permanent reminder of the incident.

“My face is dropped on one side, which will be a permanent reminder.

“This has left me feeling worried, worried something is going to happen to me.

“I have had to uproot my family and move away because we feel intimidated. We don’t want trouble at our door.

“I was in the wrong place at the wrong time. I have done nothing to provoke this.”

Newcastle Crown Court heard the victim had been in a toilet cubicle at the town centre club when Kyle Heslop burst in and said “get out of my way, I’m having a whitey”.

As the dad went to leave the toilet area, Heslop punched him hard from behind and sent him crashing to the floor.

Others then joined in the attack, launching kicks at his victim as he lay on the ground.

Heslop, 24, of Gibbons Walk, South Shields, admitted causing grievous bodily harm.

Prosecutor Stuart Graham told the court: “He has accepted he lost his temper, struck a single blow.

“He accepts causing the injury.

“He accepts he started the incident but wasn’t involved in the kicking.”

Judge John Milford QC adjourned the case until next month and said Heslop, who had been on bail, should be remanded in custody.

The judge said: “This is a young man who is going to carry this change in his appearance for the rest of his life.

“I have no doubt a custodial sentence is the appropriate sentence.

“It is a question of how long.”