‘Dangerous’ man tried to bite off girlfriend’s nose after downing litre of vodka

Andrew Grieveson attacked his girlfriends after drinking in South Marine PArk
Andrew Grieveson attacked his girlfriends after drinking in South Marine PArk

A man who  tried to bite off his girlfriend's nose after downing a litre of vodka in a South Tyneside park has been put behind bars.

Andrew Grieveson, 30, straddled his victim on the floor of her home in South Shields, pinned her by down by the throat and sank his teeth into her flesh twice.

Newcastle Crown Court heard the woman was left bleeding badly from two separate bite marks to her nose and has been left scarred.

She told police in a statement: "This has left me fearing men.

"Andrew is a dangerous person and needs to be stopped before he seriously hurts someone. The bite has left scarring and I still see it on a daily basis. Ir reminds me of what happened."

The victim said she has had trouble sleeping and been unable to return to her volunteer job as a result of what happened.

Prosecutor Barry Robson told the court the couple had been drinking together with friends at the South Marine Park in South Shields on October 10 last year before they returned to her nearby home.

Mr Robson said Grieveson, a former heroin addict, drank "all the vodka" they had bought, which was a litre bottle.

Mr Robson told the court: "He was snappy and aggressive. They made their way back to her home. At that stage she was attacked by the defendant.

"He charged at her, knocked her to the floor on her back. He straddled her and used his left hand to pin her to the ground by her throat. He bit her nose very hard.

"She thought this was an attempt to bit her nose off. It began to bleed heavily. He released her nose and then bit it again."

The court heard the morning after the attack, Grieveson told his victim "I can't believe I have done that. I didn't mean to. I'm sorry."

Grieveson, of St. Annes Close, Battlefield, Newcastle, pleaded guilty to assault.

Mr Recorder John Aitken sentenced him to 15 months behind bars.

The judge told him: "You got very drunk. That lady has been left with scarring and she has also indicated it has had a great psychological impact on her."

Andrew Walker, defending, said prison would be a "quick fix" to get Greiveson off the streets, whereas he needs long term help with his drink and drugs


Mr Walker added: "He is utterly desperate for help."