Delivery driver stole iPhone from worker

LORRY LOAD OF TROUBLE ... delivery driver William Anderson stole a �335 phone from Boldon Business Park.
LORRY LOAD OF TROUBLE ... delivery driver William Anderson stole a �335 phone from Boldon Business Park.

A THIEVING trucker has been sent back to Coventry with a hefty fine after stealing on a job in South Tyneside.

William Anderson was making deliveries at Hermes Parcel Distribution Centre when he took the £335 iPhone from a canteen at Boldon Business Park.

But when the owner – a nightshift worker at the firm – noticed his phone was missing, CCTV footage was viewed catching the 50-year-old in the act.

Police and Anderson’s employers in Coventry were informed and the lorry driver of 16 years was sacked on the spot upon his return to the West Midlands.

Anderson, of Bruce Road, Coventry, pleaded guilty to a charge of theft at South Tyneside Magistrates’ Court.

He appeared from the custody dock after being transported from the West Midlands by police to South Shields.

The offence took place on December 4, but it was only when officers in Coventry were in contact with Anderson over an unrelated matter that he was finally brought to justice.

Paul Doney, prosecuting, said: “At 2.47am, the injured party left his jacket on the back of a chair in the canteen.

“He had an iPhone in the jacket pocket. He then left the canteen after about a minute.

“At 2.55am, a male wearing a high visibility jacket (Anderson) came into the canteen.

“He searched the jacket and took out the phone and left the canteen.”

The court heard that when Anderson was spoken to by staff at Boldon before he returned to Coventry, he panicked and threw away the phone believing he had sparked suspicions.

When the owner of the phone alerted his bosses to the theft of his phone, inquiries were made and it was discovered that Anderson worked for KB Transport Solutions Limited in Coventry.

On his return to Coventry, he was sacked by his bosses for the theft.

Paul Kennedy, mitigating, said: “He made full admissions to the police.

“It has been three months since the offence. It was only when police attended over a minor incident where he lives that this offence was brought to their attention and he was brought up here (to South Shields).”

Mr Kennedy added that Anderson did not know the police were involved in the case as he had been dismissed from his post and his employers had paid compensation of £200 to the victim.

Alan Rhys, chairman of the magistrates, ordered Anderson to pay £200 in compensation to KB Transport Solutions, as well as a fine of £95 and court costs of £85.

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