Disqualified driver gets ban No 5 - despite never having a licence

SENT TO PRISON ... Tony Fada.
SENT TO PRISON ... Tony Fada.

A MOTORING menace who showed a “total and complete disregard for the law” has been jailed for racking up his fifth offence of driving while disqualified – despite never holding a car licence.

Tony Fada – who is already serving a 46-month ban from the roads – was also told he won’t be able to get behind the wheel until December 2016, after his disqualification was extended by magistrates.

Fada, of Hardyards Court, South Shields, pleaded guilty to driving while disqualified and using a motor vehicle without insurance at a hearing at South Tyneside Magistrates’ Court earlier this month.

He was back at the court yesterday for sentencing, where he was put behind bars for 18 weeks.

The 26-year-old was spotted by police driving his mother-in-law’s car while on his way to pick up his partner’s son from school.

He was pulled over by patrolling officers and admitted his latest driving offence before being arrested.

Glenda Beck, prosecuting, said: “At 3pm on April 30, police on patrol were travelling through Nevinson Avenue in South Shields.

“Their attention was drawn to a Peugeot 206, which was driven by a male the officers identified as Mr Fada, who they were aware was disqualified from driving.

“He turned into King George Road and came to a stop at a petrol station forecourt.

“The officers spoke to him and he confirmed he was disqualified from driving.

“He was cautioned and arrested.

“He was interviewed and made full admissions to driving while disqualified.

“He said the vehicle was his mother-in-law’s.

“He was disqualified from driving for 46 months by South Tyneside Magistrates’ Court in January 2012.”

Christopher Brown, defending, said: “He was not driving in a manner which was anything other than unremarkable.

“He was observed by police officers and pulled over.

“He immediately admitted he was disqualified from driving.

“He now has stability in his life, with his girlfriend and the real prospect of employment.

“If you think this is in the custody arena – I would ask you to step back from that.”

Fada was banned from driving for 46 months in January 2012, after stealing a pal’s Volkswagen Golf and then picking up two teenage girls and driving to County Durham – while more than twice over the legal limit.

He was also jailed for 18 weeks after admitting driving while disqualified, taking a vehicle without consent, failing to stop when requested, driving without insurance and drink driving.

At the time of the offence in January 2012, Fada was the subject of two community orders and banned from driving the month previous for riding a minimoto on a public road.

Elaine McCullough, chairman of the magistrates, said: “You have a horrendous driving record and have shown a total and complete disregard for the law.

“Clearly you are not learning from your past mistakes. You will be given a 30-month driving ban, running until December 15, 2016.

“But you will have to pass a driving test when the ban is completed.

“Clearly you have not done this previously.”

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