‘Disruptive’ woman passenger forces Newcastle to Turkey flight to divert to Bulgaria

A Thomas Cook aircraft
A Thomas Cook aircraft

A flight full of holidaymakers travelling from the North East had to be diverted after a passenger reportedly became abusive and disruptive.

The pilot of the Thomas Cook flight between Newcastle International Airport and Turkey was forced to divert to Sofia in Bulgaria so the problem passenger could be removed.

The airline said Bulgarian police met the flight to deal with the woman passenger.

The flight was headed to Dalaman on the Turkish coast on Sunday evening.

A spokesman for Thomas Cook Airlines said: “Due to an extremely disruptive passenger, the pilot made the decision to divert to Sofia.

“It is very rare that this happens, however it was deemed by the crew to be the necessary thing to do at the time.

“The plane was met by Bulgarian police and the woman, along with her partner who was not involved in the disruption, were escorted from the plane.”

Fellow passengers took to social media to express their concerns over the incident.