Dogs snatched from South Shields street: Owner makes emotional plea

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A distraught mum whose pet dogs were snatched from her street as she watched on in horror has issued an emotional plea for their safe return.

Elle Pires was returning to her home in Frenchmans Way, South Shields, from a shopping trip when she saw thieves scoop up three of her beloved Chihuahua dogs.

The pets were in the front garden of a neighbour who was looking after the pets when thieves swooped.

She leapt out of her car and desperately tried to pursue them – but couldn’t catch the culprits.

The mother-of-two swiftly alerted police, who have launched an investigation to find the dog-napper – and the two stolen dogs.

Mrs Pires, who runs an entertainment company and shares her time between South Tyneside and London, is eager to be reunited with six-month Parker and his two-year-old mum, Petulia.

A third dog, nine-year-old Fleur, was also snatched during the raid, but dropped out of the thieves’ grasp and was gratefully retrieved by Ms Pires.

Mrs Pires, 41, said: “I was pulling up in my car after going to Morrisons in Jarrow with my mother.

“There was a man and a woman and a boy who took the dogs.

“I ran after the woman but she got away from me.

“I was hysterical.

“The people who did this are scum.”

Mrs Pires said she is fearful for the safety of her beloved pets.

She added: “I am worried sick about my dogs.

“I am worried they have been separated or are being neglected or could be sold on.

“They need to be back home.

“One is six months old and the other is two.

“Parker and his mum have always been together, so I am very concerned that they could be separated.

“I am devastated by what has happened.

“People in the neighbourhood have said they have seen a woman with Parker.

“I really want help to find them.

“What gives someone the right to just come and steal my pets? It is just not right.

“They need to come home to their family.”

Mrs Pires says she is prepared to offer a reward for their safe return.

She is asking anyone with information to contact her on 07879702117 or 07957640610.