Drug dealer caught with 1,300 tablets given chance to change his ways

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A DRUG dealer who was caught with over 1,000 diazepam tablets has been given a chance to prove he has changed.

Police seized 1,339 pills from Kray Brogan’s home in Sunderland when they raided it in November 2013.

He wants an honest job and an honest life, to put the past behind him.

Ros Scott-Bell, defending

Newcastle Crown Court heard that the 23-year-old’s iPhone contained text messages that showed he had been dealing.

Brogan, who now lives in South Shields, admitted possession with intent to supply the diazepam and possession of a small amount of cannabis.

He also pleaded guilty to three charges of failing to surrender himself in relation to missed appearances at courts and the police station during the proceedings.

Ros Scott-Bell, defending, said the police raid prompted Brogan to seek professional help, and he has now turned his back on using drugs and alcohol.

Miss Scott-Bell said: “Had it not been for the intervention of the police at that time, he may well not be here today.

“He wants an honest job and an honest life, to put the past behind him.”

The court heard Brogan became “totally addicted” to diazepam after he was the victim of an attack in 2011.

But he comes from a good family, who he now lives with at the Waters Edge pub in South Shields, which is under development.

Judge Paul Sloan QC sentenced Brogan to nine and a half months’ imprisonment, suspended for two years, with supervision, programme and curfew requirements.

He told him: “After the commission of these offences you have sought help, I am told you are no longer using diazepam nor using alcohol, and you have distanced yourself from former associates.

“There has been no further offending.”

Judge Sloan warned any further trouble could result in Brogan being sent straight to jail.