Drunk man bashed partner when she criticised his drinking

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A SHIELDS man punched his partner in a fit of drunken anger after she criticised his drinking.

Jeanette Scott, prosecuting, said Lee James Thomas Finlay and the woman had been talking on the bed when the subject of his drinking came up.

He had lost his temper and had straddled her, pinning her arms to the bed.

Two days later, she had returned home from work shortly before midnight to hear Finlay arguing with someone on the phone.

He told her he wanted to talk but she said she was going to bed and went upstairs, where he followed her and made threats, telling her: “I want to smash your face in but I won’t.

“I don’t want to give you the satisfaction.”

When she tried to get him to go to another address, he told her, “I really want to punch you, just once before I leave,” then she felt an impact on the back of her head.

Interviewed by police, Finlay said: “It is a bit harsh to call it an assault.

“She went on and on at me. I would not lift my hand to a woman.”

Finlay, 37, of Ruskin Crescent, South Shields, admitted two charges of assault when he appeared at South Tyneside Magistrates’ Court yesterday.

Paul Kennedy, mitigating, said Finlay has pleaded guilty to the first offence on the basis that the woman had not consented to him taking hold of her arms.

Finaly admitted hitting the woman in the second assault, but it had not been a punch, Mr Kennedy told the court.

“She would say she received a blow to the back of the head, I would say she could not see how that was made.

“He says he connected with the palm of his hand, but he accepts the palm of his hand is solid enough to be perceived a punch.”

Magistrates adjourned the case to January 8 for sentence and Finlay was released on bail.