Drunken Jarrow man fined for swearing at police

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A DRUNKEN man swore at police when he was asked to stop banging on the door of a house.

Ethan Purvis went to the home of his former partner late at night, South Tyneside Magistrates’ Court heard.

Rebecca Gibson, prosecuting, said: “There had been reports of a disturbance in Parkfield in Jarrow. Police attended and found Purvis banging on the door of a house.

“He was asked to move away from the door.

“His response was to swear at the officer and say he was going nowhere.

“There was a struggle during which Purvis was taken forcefully to the ground.

“He refused to get into the back of the patrol car, making it necessary for other officers to be called to complete the arrest.”

Purvis, 24, of Broomfield, Jarrow, admitted being drunk and disorderly on November 14.

The court heard he has a previous conviction for violence, but has not been in trouble for four years.

Representing himself, Purvis told the court: “I was just drunk, someone said there was someone in my ex’s house.

“I don’t really know why I went round there, I shouldn’t have done it.”

Purvis was ordered to pay fines and costs of £180.

Bench chairman John Lee told him: “The fine is a bit higher than we usually impose for drunk and disorderly.

“The reason for that is that you caused quite a bit of trouble to the police, and this incident went on for a long time.”