Ex-soldier jailed for stalking two women

JAILED ... stalker Liam Wynne was imprisoned for 25 weeks.
JAILED ... stalker Liam Wynne was imprisoned for 25 weeks.

A FORMER soldier has been put behind bars after harassing two ex-girlfriends.

Liam Wynne was sentenced to 25 weeks in jail yesterday after admitting he followed and pestered the two women.

The 21-year-old has a child with one of his victims, and recently had a short relationship with the other.

Earlier this month, he was given a restraining order in relation to the second woman, but breached it by going to her home last week.

The father-of-one pleaded guilty to breaching the order at South Tyneside Magistrates’ Court and admitted a further charge of stalking in the relation to the mother of his daughter.

Jailing Wynne, also known as Ellis, chairman of the bench Gerry Tierney said: “Custody is the right approach in this case. You clearly take little or no notice at all of court orders.

“You were given a restraining order a matter of days before breaching it, so we see no reason to suspend the sentence.

“You have caused all kinds of intimidation to these women, who both have children.”

Wynne, of no fixed abode, was also given two restraining orders, which forbid him from contacting the victims for two years, and bans him from entering the streets where they live.

The court heard that his life had lacked structure since leaving the Army after going AWOL.

In 2011, the former driver with the 22 Signal Regiment was banned from the roads after pleading guilty to failing to provide a specimen twice in six days while on leave in South Tyneside.

On that occasion, magistrates did not sentence him to a community order, which the crime usually carries, as it would have cost him his Army career.

But his career in the services ended anyway after he absconded from his barracks.

In yesterday’s case, Sarah Guest, prosecuting, said in regard to the stalking charge: “He was in a relationship with the victim until three years ago, and they have a three-year-old daughter together.

“She says he has not had anything to do with the child until recently, when he started to send her text messages, call her and send messages on Facebook to say he wanted to see her.

“She told him she wanted nothing to do with him, but he turned up at her home and approached her while she was at the doctor’s.

“During those meetings, she said he was talking nonsense and she was scared.”

The court heard that when Wynne was arrested in relation to the harassment, he answered all the questions in his police interview with questions of his own, and quoted Eminem lyrics to the officers.

Mrs Guest added that on March 18 the other woman, who he was banned from contacting, saw him in a phone box outside her house while she was driving home.

Worried, she didn’t get out of the car, and when she saw Wynne heading towards her, she drove off.

Sandra Fife, defending, said he wanted to pick up some belongings from her house and was telephoning police to see if he was breaching the restraining order by doing so.

She added: “He accepts that his behaviour amounts to harassment and he breached the order. He accepts his guilt.”

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