Family row lands man back in court


A PROLIFIC offender landed himself back in court by smashing the window of his stepfather’s car, after he refused to let him see his mother.

Steven Smith reacted angrily after being denied entry to his mother’s home in Burnham Street, South Shields.

Magistrates heard that, after turning Smith away, his stepfather heard a “loud bang” and went outside to see the rear driver’s side window of his car had been smashed – with Smith standing just yards away.

Smith, 31, who has more than 80 previous offences, yesterday pleaded guilty to criminal damage at South Tyneside Magistrates’ Court.

The offence took place on March 16 this year.

Since the incident, Smith has served a prison term after a crown court suspended sentence was activated in May.

His defence solicitor, Christopher Brown, said his client had been “let down” by the delay in bringing this matter to court.

Paul Anderson, prosecuting, said: “His stepfather heard a knock on the front door and found it was Smith, saying he wanted to see his mother.

“He wouldn’t let him in because there had been previous problems. Smith kept saying he wanted to see her, but he was refused entry.

“He then heard a loud bang and saw the rear driver’s side window of his Nissan Micra had been smashed. The only person in the vicinity was Steven Smith.”

The police were called and Smith was arrested.

He initially denied the offence, saying he had been to the house to collect clothes.

Christopher Brown said: “I would ask you award compensation only and no court costs. He has been let down by the system.

“Other proceedings were known to be progressing against him at the time, and this matter could’ve been taken into consideration when sentencing on other offences.

“With a bit more mental gymnastics, there wouldn’t have been such a delay in this case.”

Smith, of no fixed abode, was ordered to pay compensation of £45 to his stepfather for the damage caused to the vehicle.