Fast food staff racially abused

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A FAST food worker was left “angry and disgusted” after a drunken yob hurled racist abuse at him.

Scott Topping barged to the front of a queue in McDonald’s in King Street, South Shields, and demanded service.

When a manager went to serve him, he started to shout that he wanted his money back – despite not handing any over – and directed a racist term towards the Asian man.

The victim called police to the store and the 23-year-old was arrested.

After a search in the police station, officers found a bag of white powder on the floor of his police cell, which turned out to be amphetamine.

Topping, of Laygate Place, South Shields, pleaded guilty to possessing a Class B drug and using racially aggravated threatening or abusive behaviour to another.

Glenda Beck, prosecuting, said: “The defendant pushed to the front of a queue and demanded to be served.

“A shift manager decided to serve him. At this point, Topping hadn’t handed over any money, but he began to shout ‘I want my money back’ and called the manager a racist term.”

A statement from the victim was read out in court.

It said: “I am angry and disgusted at what was said.

“I should not have to put up with abuse like that at work.”

Ian Haq, defending, said: “He has pleaded guilty straight away and it was one use of a racist insult towards a member of staff.

“He was highly intoxicated and can’t remember much of it, but when it was explained to him, he knew to plead guilty.

“In relation to possessing the drugs, they were found on the floor of the cell and, if he had been awkward, he could have denied they were his.

“But he accepts they were his and saves everyone the bother of a trial.”

Magistrates fined Topping £110 and ordered him to pay £85 costs and £60 compensation to his victim.

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