Feuding neighbours make plea for peace

PEACE PLEA ... long-suffering neighbours Kenneth and Marjorie Mill.
PEACE PLEA ... long-suffering neighbours Kenneth and Marjorie Mill.

THE distressed neighbours of John Bushell have pleaded with him to keep away from them.

Speaking after the 86-year-old’s latest conviction, Kenneth and Marjorie Mills say they want to call an end to their feud.

RANT ... John Bushell hurled abuse at neighbours.

RANT ... John Bushell hurled abuse at neighbours.

Bushell must keep away from the 66-year-olds under the terms of a restraining order and was told by magistrates’ yesterday to keep out of trouble until May, when he is due to be sentenced for breaching the order.

Mr and Mrs Mills say they have lived in fear of their neighbour since moving into their home in Mill Crescent, Hebburn, in 1970.

Mrs Mills, a retired grandmother-of-three, said: “We have been here before.

“He has been to jail and had a curfew and been warned by judges about his behaviour – but it hasn’t stopped him. All we want to do it to be able to enjoy our lives in peace.”

The couple have tried to sell their £200,000 home on three occasions, but the buyers have pulled out each time after hearing about Bushell’s behaviour. Bushell also claims to have tried to sell his home but neither family have managed to move.

Mrs Mill added: “No one wants to live next to a man like him. He would have a better chance of selling the house. There have been sale signs up twice but I don’t think he will move really.

“I don’t mind him living there, as long as he keeps out of our way.

“He can sweep his yard, walk past our house and do whatever he likes – as long as it doesn’t involve us.

“We don’t bother him, so why should he bother us.

“He said we shouldn’t film him but I only do that when he starts harassing us – it’s the only way to prove what he is like.”

Bushell, who lives with wife Sonia in the cul-de-sac, said he has listened to the magistrates and will do his best to keep the peace.

Speaking after the case, he said: “I’ve got to accept the court’s decision and do as they say. I will keep myself to myself and keep out of their way.”