From asbo bike ban kid to Rambo knife attacker – ‘Chelsea smile’ slasher began his life of crime aged just 10

ASBO PAST ... Fise Ames in 2010.
ASBO PAST ... Fise Ames in 2010.

HE’s today beginning a hefty sentence for leaving his victim with gruesome injuries, but Fise Ames’ criminal record began at the age of just 10.

Syed Miah was left with a “one-sided Chelsea smile” which needed plastic surgery after the brutal attack at the hands of long-time criminal Ames last September.

In 2010, when aged 13, he made headlines when he was given an anti-social behaviour order (Asbo) banning him from riding a bike.

He could not be named at the time for legal reasons but, in 2013, after sentencing him for a knife crime at Newcastle Crown Court, Judge Simon Hickey lifted his right to anonymity.

Ames was convicted of numerous offences at South Tyneside Youth Court that were all committed while on his bike.

The Asbo said he was not allowed to ride the bike or see his “considerably older and bigger” friends.

He first appeared in court aged just 10 and has previous convictions for assault, theft, handling stolen goods and riding in a stolen vehicle.

The original Asbo term that sees him banned from riding his bike was overturned after his solicitor argued it was “unfair”.

The court hearing in July 2013 heard Ames, then aged 16, was one of two knife-wielding teenagers who launched a terrifying attack on a man as he tried to defend his family outside their home.

The man was pelted with bricks, wooden planks and a glass bottle and had a knife swung at his face by Liam Devine and Ames.

The court heard that Ames had 28 previous convictions for 36 crimes including public order and drugs offences and assault.

Both pleaded guilty to affray and having a bladed article.

Devine was jailed for 20 months, and Ames was sent to a young offenders’ institution for a year.

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