Grieving man punched out window after row at wake


A GRIEVING man smashed a window at a social club after an angry row with his cousin at his grandmother’s wake.

Martin Urwin punched the window in frustration following the verbal altercation at Harton and Westoe Miners’ Welfare, South Shields.

The 32-year-old, of Brownlow Road, South Shields, admitted causing criminal damage at South Tyneside Magistrates’ Court.

The court heard he was ‘throroughly ashamed’ of his actions on February 14 this year.

James Long, prosecuting, said: “The unfortunate incident occured after his grandmother’s funeral.

“They were at the social club for the wake – alcohol and food had been consumed.

“The managers of the club noticed an internal window had been damaged.

“CCTV footage showed the defendant punching the glass reception room window, causing it to break.”

He said: “The defendant was arrested, and said he was at the club for the wake and had got in a verbal altercation with his cousin.

“It spilled into the corridor and he punched the window rather than take it out on his cousin.

“He apologised, and offered to pay for the damage.”

Rachel Mangenie, defending, said: “Mr Urwin is thoroughly ashamed he has found himself here today after this dreadful incident after his grandmother’s funeral.

“Emotions were running high. She acted as a mother to him for long periods of his life. He was raised by his grandmother, and has taken her loss very hard.

“On the day, quite a large amount of drink had been taken on board and there was an argument with a family member.

“He lost his temper and punched the glass window of the reception area of the social club.

“He is apologetic, and takes responsibilities for his actions.”

Urwin was handed a 12-month conditional discharge by magistrates and ordered to pay £400 compensation to the club for the damage caused.

He was also ordered to pay costs of £50 and a victim surcharge of £15.

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