Groping charge Doc can’t recall examining teen

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A DOCTOR from South Tyneside who is accused of groping a teenage girl cannot even remember examining her, a hearing was told.

Dr Rajith Ramachandran allegedly ‘did what he wanted’ with the 19-year-old on four separate occasions at the Glen Medical Practice in Hebburn – allegedly fondling her breasts and puting his hands down her knickers.

The General Medical Council alleged at the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service hearing that Dr Ramachandran carried out the intimate examinations for sexual gratification on four occasions.

But, giving evidence yesterday, the GP denied any wrongdoing and insisted all examinations of the woman were necessary and professional.

Dr Ramachandran said: “I have no recollection of the events aside from what is on the medical records. Anything that happened there would be put on my notes.”

He claimed he had performed chest and abdominal examinations on ‘Patient A’, but that they were necessary for her symptoms.

He denied ever groping her.

“There is no possibility I could have touched her in that way,” said Dr Ramachandran. “I did not perform any breast examinations on this patient.”

He told the hearing: “I would not change any of the examinations I performed on Patient A during this period because I feel they were appropriately performed.

“In hindsight, I feel I should have been more sensitive of what patients can perceive to be an intimate examination and offer a chaperone. I would have explained to Patient A what I was going to do, although I would not have relayed all of my clinical concerns.

“I do accept that if I had communicated my clinical concerns more effectively to the patient, there’s a possibility that this sort of confusion could be avoided.”

The woman first consulted Dr Ramachandran, complaining of chest pains and headaches, but no examination took place.

At the next appointment, the medic is said to have lifted her top above her breasts and put his hand inside her bra.

Charles Garside, for the GMC, told Dr Ramachandran: ‘I suggest to you that putting one hand inside her bra on this occasion was the first step in a series of indecent actions you committed, and when she didn’t complain, you became bolder and things went further.

“This was a young woman who you thought you could manipulate.’

The GP denied this.

Dr Ramachandran’s behaviour is said to have continued during three subesquent appointments.

The GMC alleges his actions were sexually motivated.

n The hearing continues

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