Half-naked attacker chased his girlfriend out of their home

ASSAULT ... Warren Telford.
ASSAULT ... Warren Telford.

A DRUNKEN man chased his girlfriend out of their home and attacked her outside – while he was naked from the waist down.

Warren Telford and the woman had been out drinking on the afternoon of June 25 before he flew into a rage.

The 45-year-old had downed 15 bottles of Brown Ale and two pints of snakebite when he started to hurl abuse at his victim.

Telford told her to get out of his house, in Caledonian Street, Hebburn, and when she was outside, he pushed her to the ground several times.

The woman told police that Telford had headbutted her, something he denies, but he pleaded guilty to assault at South Tyneside Magistrates’ Court.

Claire Irving, prosecuting, said: “They have been in a relationship for about six years and lived together, in the defendant’s house for almost all of that time. On this day, they had been drinking in the Ben Lomond in Jarrow.

“When they left, she said he was drunk and needed to be helped to and from a taxi. It was about 5pm when they got home and she got changed into her pyjamas. Then he became abusive to her calling her hurtful names.”

The court heard that the woman had been married for 30 years when she started an affair with Telford, eventually leaving her husband for him.

Mr Irving added: “He started to shout at her, saying that he wasn’t surprised her husband didn’t want her.

“He was sitting with only a T-shirt on, naked from the waist down and started to move towards her and forced her out of the living room and into the kitchen.

“There he told her to get out of his house and pushed her backwards into the street, where he pushed her over several times.”

Geoffrey Forrester, defending, said: “There are two sides to every story, she claims he headbutted her. He says he did no such thing.

“He does accept that he slapped her and pushed her.”

Magistrates adjourned the case until September 9, when there will be hearing to determine whether Telford did headbutt the woman or not.

He was granted bail until then on the conditions that he does not contact prosecution witnesses and lives at his address.”

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