Hebburn man caught out drink-driving in his mum’s car - for third time

Police doing road side breathalyser test
Police doing road side breathalyser test

A loyal mum wrote a letter to magistrates in support of her wayward son – despite him taking her car without consent and drink-driving for the third time.

History repeated itself on May 11 when Christopher Summers, 22, took his mother’s Peugeot car and drove without a licence or insurance while more than twice above the alcohol limit.

Great credit should be given to his mother for writing this letter.

Ian Cruickshank

Back in 2008 and 2011 he was convicted of identical offences, also after taking his mother’s car.

Summers, of Shakespeare Avenue, Hebburn, admitted to taking a vehicle without consent, driving without a licence or insurance and driving while above the alcohol limit at South Tyneside Magistrates’ Court.

When stopped by police, he recorded a breath test reading of 87mcg of alcohol in 100ml of breath – more than double the legal limit of 35mcg.

Jeanette Smith, prosecuting, said: “It was just before 1am on Monday, May 11. A police officer was travelling along Windsor Crescent when his attention was drawn to a vehicle being driven along Shakespeare Avenue with no lights on.

“He saw it was being driven on the wrong side of the road, swerving from left to right, and he activated his blue lights. The defendant did pull over and co-operated fully with the police, saying to the officer ‘just take me to the station’ now.”

Ian Cruickshank, defending Summers, said: “This is a young man who, despite offending against his own mother on three occasions, she still thinks enough of him that she has taken the time to write and give you a much-rounded picture of this young man.

“Great credit should be given to his mother for writing the letter.

“Here is someone who
 obviously cares for her son and has taken the time to write to you (the bench).”

Summers, who the court was told suffers from behavioural disorder ADHD, was sentenced to a 12-month community order with a rehabilitation requirement, was banned from driving
for four years and was ordered to pay court costs of £135 and a victims surcharge of £60.