‘High risk to the public’ – the teen thug who slashed man with glass then broke bones by stamping on pub drinker

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A TEENAGE thug will spend Christmas locked up after carrying out two sickening attacks.

A judge named and shamed 17-year-old Reece Convery, describing him as a “very high risk of harm to the public”.

Convery slashed a man’s back with a piece of broken glass during a street assault in Jarrow last September.

The victim had been pounced on by a group as he left the Golden Lion pub and said his attackers were like a “pack of animals”.

And on New Year’s Day, he was caught on CCTV stamping on a man who had been enjoying a drink in the town’s Queens Arms pub, leaving him with a fractured ankle.

Newcastle Crown Court heard that Convery’s mother and father also got involved in the shocking violence in the bar that day, and that during the trouble, the teenager was shown to give a “demonstration” to his mother on how she should be punching.

His father headbutted a man, who was simply sitting down, three times.

Judge John Evans said the footage from that day “is as bad as I’ve ever seen on CCTV.”

At Newcastle Crown Court yesterday, Convery, of Abbey Drive, Jarrow, who already has convictions for violence, was locked up for 12 months and branded a “very high risk of harm to the public.”

The judge said the sentence may be seen by some as being “inadequate” but he was constrained by restrictions relating to youth justice guidelines, but agreed to a press request to lift an order which banned publication of the youth’s identity.

The judge said: “What happened was very public and the public do have an interest in this case.

“I don’t, in these circumstances, think it is appropriate to maintain the order. I am going to lift the restrictions in this case.”

The judge had warned Convery: “if you want to spend your life in custody, you carry on in that fashion.”

Convery had admitted unlawful wounding and causing grievous bodily harm.

His mother Jolene Convery, 36, and father Robert Lewis, 35, of the same address, admitted affray.

The mother was sentenced to a community order for 18 months with supervision and the father given nine months imprisonment, suspended for 18 months with 140 hours unpaid work.

Bob Spragg, prosecuting, told the court the victim in the September attack was punched and kicked by youths as he was on the ground.

Mr Spragg said: “In addition, the defendant was seen to bend over the victim, who was on the floor, lift back his shirt and deliberately slashed his back with a piece of glass he had picked up.”

The injuries to the victim’s back needed stitches in hospital.

CCTV of the Queens Arms attack showed a group of men being subjected to violence which shocked onlookers tried to step in and stop.

Shaun Routledge, defending, said Convery’s behaviour has improved throughout the year .

Vic Laffey, defending the parents, said the pair were deeply embarrassed by their behaviour on the day, which was during a rare trip out socialising.