How 10 minutes of video could provide 'a lifetime of online safety'

Don't give cyber criminals the opportunity to break in.
Don't give cyber criminals the opportunity to break in.

Each weekday this week we will be highlighting how watching a two-minute video could provide “a lifetime of online safety”.

The Metropolitan Police have released the videos to inform internet users about how to stay secure when using the web by making a few simple changes to their online behaviours.

The video clips cover the five main causes of cyber-related frauds, which are having weak or insecure passwords, failing to install security updates on devices, using insecure or public wifi,

being vulnerable to identity theft, and being vulnerable to phishing.

Detective Superintendent Neil Ballard, head of the Met’s Operation Falcon, which tackles cyber crime, said: “Victims of cyber criminals often mistakenly believe that fraud and cyber crime

happen to other people.

“It takes just a couple of minutes to view each clip and having viewed all five, you will be better-equipped to protect yourself from cyber criminals and fraudsters trying to steal your identity

and your money.”

Tony Neate, chief executive of Get Safe Online, which provides online security advice, said: “A few minutes to watch the videos could mean a lifetime of online safety, so we really do ask

the public to take the time to watch them, brush up on their online safety and share them with others.”

A new video will appear on our website every morning between Monday and Friday. Today’s looks at the importance of protecting your online identity.

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