Jail for knifeman who took blades from butcher’s counter and terrorised shoppers in Morrisons

Lee Wilson
Lee Wilson

A knifeman caused terror when he sparked an armed stand-off with staff in a busy supermarket.

Lee Wilson, who was out on licence from a prison sentence for a knife-point robbery, terrified staff and customers at the Morrisons store in the Viking Centre, Jarrow, in July.

Newcastle Crown Court heard the 30-year-old, who was drunk, picked up knives from behind a food counter, which he pointed at people trying to calm him down.

Wilson, who at times had more than one knife in each hand, made bizarre comments while acting oddly, erratic and agitated.

He kept moving the weapons he was holding from hand to hand.

Prosecutor Jolyon Perks told the court: “He was clearly agitated, saying things that could not be understood by those attempting to converse with him and encourage him to drop the knife.”

The court heard Wilson agreed to drop a kitchen knife he had picked up from a sale display.

But Mr Perks added: “He then picked up some other knives, used in food preparation.

“He had one, at least one, in each hand and was waving them above his head.”

Wilson when police arrived at the shop and deployed tasers, which did not have to be used.

Staff, who were left shaken and shocked, described the incident as “terrifying”.

Prosecutor Jolyon Perks said; “This was undoubtedly a terrifying incident for the members of staff who had to deal with this, in a public environment, at that time of the day.”

Wilson described his own behaviour that day as “erratic, irrational and psychotic”.

Wilson, of Medway, Jarrow, admitted affray.

Judge Robert Adams sentenced him to eight months behind bars.

The judge told him; “You caused fear and upset to people in the store.

“This was, in my view, a terrifying incident for all involved.”

Gavin Doig, defending, said Wilson has been recalled to prison on licence.

Mr Doig added; “The defendant would want me to apologise to those who were frightened by his actions that day.

“Fortunately, no-one was physically harmed.

“It was no the defendant’s intention that anyone should be harmed.”

Mr Doig said Wilson’s offending is linked to his depression and drinking.