Jailed: Danger driver who caused police car to smash through wall in high-speed chase

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A danger driver who led police on a ten mile road chase has been put behind bars.

Christopher Storey drove at twice the speed limit, travelled on the wrong side of the road, went through red lights and failed to slow at junctions.

Police car crashes through a wall, Gosforth Avenue, South Shields.

Police car crashes through a wall, Gosforth Avenue, South Shields.

The 22-year-old was caught after three police cars and a helicopter became involved in the 35-minute pursuit around South Shields and Jarrow on September 5.

One police car smashed into a garden wall during the chaos caused by Storey, another motorist had his wing mirror knocked off and a pedestrian had to run off the road to reach safety, despite being at a crossing.

Newcastle Crown Court heard at the time of the Saturday afternoon chase, the streets were busy with shoppers Storey, formerly of Talbot Road, South Shields, had been back on the streets for just 17 days after being released on licence from a prison sentence for robbery.

He had no licence or insurance for the Renault Clio he was driving.

Judge Deborah Sherwin sentenced him to a year behind bars and banned him from the roads for two years.

The judge said; “This was a pursuit just under ten miles in length.

“Throughout that period, your speed was excessive, at times up to double the speed limit.

“You drove on the wrong side of bollards, through red lights, through pedestrian crossings. Most of the time through busy residential areas.

“This is a particularly bad case of dangerous driving.”

Prosecutor Kevin Wardlaw told the court Storey came to the attention of an officer on patrol in South Shields, who checked the vehicle’s registration and found it was uninsured so attempted to pull him over.

Mr Wardlaw added: “On activation of the blue lights, the defendant began to accelerate away.”

The court heard for the following 35 minutes, Storey drove at speed, on the wrong side of roads, through red lights and failed to slow down.

Mr Wardlaw said: “On a number of occasions he failed to slow down when approaching pedestrian crossings.

“At one crossing, at Ellison Street in Jarow, a gentleman had to run to get to the safety of the refuge half way across.

“A number of police vehicles became involved, as did the police helicopter.”

Mr Wardlaw said Storey was not directly to blame for the police car crash but it happened during the pursuit.

The driver whose wing mirror was hit has not been traced.

Storey was arrested after he abandoned the vehicle and his movements on foot were tracked by the police helicopter.

Andrew Walker, defending, said Storey does not have a long record of bad driving and caused no physical injury.