Jealous man hit landlord

ATTACK ... The Satellite in Henderson Road.
ATTACK ... The Satellite in Henderson Road.

A JEALOUS boyfriend broke a pub landlord’s collarbone after punching him during a late-night boozing session.

Michael Peel was having an after-hours drink in The Satellite in Henderson Road, Simonside, South Shields, when he launched the unprovoked attack.

The 38-year-old stood behind unsuspecting Andrew Taylor – who was sitting on a bar stool – and hit him in the right side of his face.

The force of the punch knocked Mr Taylor off the stool and on to a pool table, which he hit on his way to the ground.

Peel, of Canterbury Street, South Shields, left the pub and the landlord went to bed.

The next day his neck, jaw and cheek were still sore, so he went to hospital where he was told he had a fractured collarbone.

Peel pleaded guilty to causing grievous bodily harm without intent at South Tyneside Magistrates’ Court yesterday.

Lee Poppett, prosecuting, said: “The landlord closed the pub at about 11.30pm on November 30. He had a friend up from Portsmouth, so he decided to have a few drinks after closing.

“There were a few other people there including regulars and the defendant, who was with his girlfriend.

“He thought everyone was in high spirits but, all of a sudden, found himself being helped up off the floor by a regular.

“It was 5.15am and the regular had been outside for a smoke.

“Peel and his girlfriend left.

“On his way out, he told the regular to go inside and pick up Mr Taylor.”

The court heard that after leaving hospital on December 1, Mr Taylor checked CCTV from the pub, which showed Peel walk up from behind and punch him.

When Peel was arrested, he handed in a prepared statement to police that read: “The landlord had been making advances towards my girlfriend.

“She was upset and I was getting hot under the collar.

“I saw red and gave him a clip.

“I didn’t mean to do any harm and I was shocked when he was hurt.”

The court heard there was no proof that Mr Taylor had acted inappropriately towards Peel’s girlfriend and, when asked about it by police, she didn’t comment.

Magistrates decided that Peel should be sentenced at Newcastle Crown Court.

He will appear at Newcastle on a date yet to be fixed and was granted bail on the conditions that he does not enter The Satellite, does not contact Mr Taylor and lives at the address given to court until then.

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