Kevin Nightingale: Two decades of 'nightmare' for the Oz Nightclub doorman shot dead outside his home

Kevin Nightingale
Kevin Nightingale

The brutal murder of nightclub doorman Kevin Nightingale has remained unsolved for 21 years.

It has been two decades of hell for his family who have never come to terms with the death of the father-of-two.

The 33-year-old was discovered in the doorway of his home in Drake Close, South Shields, by his wife Julie and his 11-year-old daughter Michelle.

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Mr Nightingale, described by his family as “happy-go lucky”, was shot from behind as he unlocked the front door of his home in the early hours of February 17, 1996.

He had just returned to his home from nearby Oz Nightclub, where he worked.

The boxer is said to have died in the arms of his wife. Many believe Mr Nightingale was targeted because he was trying to prevent drugs being taken into the club.

Over the years a number of appeals have been made including an impassioned plea by his 85-year-old mum, Maud, who broke her silence on the 11th anniversary of his murder to ask for the public’s help to find her “baby boy’s” killer.

Sadly, her plea was never answered and she went to her grave never knowing who killed her son in cold-blood.

The murder of Kevin Nightingale sparked a major police operation, which opened up the criminal underworld, which had been operating in South Shields.

To date, the killing of Kevin Nightingale remains one of the longest unsolved murder cases in South Tyneside.